Story I Discovered an Online Art Gallery | Explore the Best Art from Home

An art exhibition is the exhibition of creative works of art by an artist or a collective group of artists. Art students visit these exhibitions to see art first hand. These visits enrich the imagination. Some people visit these exhibits for fun or to spend time. For art students, however, these exhibitions are a learning process. I visited an exhibition of this type in an online art gallery in the USA last year.

Our art teachers conducted this tour from our school. Art students decided to go on a Saturday. The exhibition space was in the city center. The entrance to the hall itself was artistic. The building was surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and fountains. The state government organized this art exhibition to educate the masses about artistic and cultural richness, which has existed for centuries. The entrance ticket was relatively low to encourage more visitors. There was a reduction for the students.

Art exhibition displayed almost all types of paintings such as abstract paintings, cityscape, landscape, and others. Visitors received detailed information about the paintings, such as the painters’ country of origin, goals, ethnicity, etc. Our art teachers asked us to take a closer look at each work of art. We wrote our perspectives and views on the artwork in a notebook. Visiting the best art gallery was a good learning and inspiring experience for us and our teachers. At night we return enriched by the art exhibition.

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